September 2015

Beware of Lethal Dangers Lurking in Your Home

Common Household Products
Can Put You, Others at Risk

Hip Replacement
Pain medication, cosmetic and personal care items, and household cleaners cause the most harm to Americans.

A woman in South Jordan, Utah, was recently poisoned when she ordered sweet tea at a restaurant. While making the tea, a restaurant employee accidentally used deep fryer cleaner instead of the sweetener that had similar packaging.

All too often we hear about someone who has accidentally poisoned themselves or someone else with a dangerous household chemical. While threats from lead-based paint and asbestos are well publicized, many other silent dangers are present in nearly every home and business in the United States. The good news: some companies and government entities are teaming up to limit the use of these dangerous chemicals in consumer products and are trying to get them off our shelves and out of our homes.

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