Nonprofit Law

First of all, thank you for the service to your community through a ministry or other nonprofit organization. To make sure you get off to the best of starts, we can help you create and maintain your organization to the highest standards required under both state and federal law.


We have extensive experience in drafting nonprofit articles of incorporation and bylaws. We coordinate filing of documents with the Georgia Secretary of State as is appropriate to create your business, and we can assist with other filing requirements as they may arise. This includes the preparation of special forms seeking qualification under the Internal Revenue Service for your company to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) company which allows you to receive tax deductible contributions. The IRS has become more and more cautious about granting this special status, and it will assist you greatly to have experienced attorneys oversee the preparation and submission of these necessary documents.


Just like for profit businesses, a good contract is a strong asset for the nonprofit. We will assist in negotiation, drafting and evaluation of both simple and complex contracts, covering a wide variety of issues. When disputes arise we will seek all methods of alternative dispute resolution so as to save the resources for your organization. If necessary, we will use our litigation experience to resolve issues of contract interpretation and other challenging legal issues. We also offer comprehensive counseling in the areas of business practices and policies for the successful nonprofit and ministry. We look forward to serving you.


Board Members should be selected carefully for their commitment to the mission of the organization and for their unique skills or personalities that advance that mission. State laws and court decisions set forth the special duties of Board Members for nonprofit organizations. These duties are created to assure integrity and oversight for the activities of the organization. Few Board Members fully appreciate these responsibilities. We will advise you and the Board how to fully comply with all legal duties as well as steps that can be taken to protect personal assets from claims of negligent oversight or other inappropriate behavior. Service on the Board of a nonprofit organization can be very rewarding and meaningful. Meeting legal expectations of Board Members will not only help advance the mission of the organization, but it will also provide peace of mind to Board Members.