Medical Malpractice

Preventable mistakes happen at hospitals and doctors’ offices, sometimes with tragic consequences. It’s not easy to think about holding a hospital or doctor accountable for what has happened to you or a loved one. It can be emotionally overwhelming. We are committed to walking with you through this process of evaluating your next steps to address what has happened. We will explain the journey and tell you what you can expect. Most importantly, we will fight for you and your family every step of the way.

Our Initial Meeting

We want to know your story. We will come to you or you can come to our office, whatever is most convenient to you. We will learn how you came to this place in your life’s journey and where you find yourself today. We will learn what the future holds for you.

Discovering The Full Medical Story

Gathering all available medical information will be one our first steps. We will look deeply into the records where few think to look, seeking the untold story of what happened and how the tragedy could have been avoided.

Consulting With Medical Professionals

We evaluate your case with other doctors who take a fresh look at the facts, offering their opinion about what should have happened and whether your medical care was unacceptable in the view of other doctors who do the same type of procedure. This critical step is very important and required by law before we can move forward with the case. Said another way, a medical profession needs to agree with us that something happened which should never have happened, and your life was changed because of this preventable injury.

Your Involvement in the Case

You will be involved with this process every step of the way. We will be accessible to you 24/7.