Our Pledge


Your case is as important to us as it is to you. This is why we limit the vast majority of our practice to injury cases. We carefully select the cases we take because we commit all the resources of the firm to achieve justice and a complete recovery for you and your family. We stand with you through every aspect of the case, from beginning to end.


Competence comes from passion and practice. The majority of our cases are severe injury cases. Because of our focus in injury law, we navigate the same or similar issues time and again and maintain a current awareness of new and evolving challenges in this area of law. We know more about this area of law than any other. We also actively engage in the legislative process to assure that our clients’ rights are protected.


It’s critical for you to know in real time what is happening in your case. You will be regularly updated on activity in your case and what you can expect. We return your calls and emails the same day received and no more than 24 hours after receipt.


Your case is deeply personal to you. We understand that. You place in our hands one of the most important things in your life at that moment. This is why we respect and understand your desire to be informed and up to date about the status of your case. You are always welcome to call. We also commit to consult with your before making any major decision about your case.


We want you to be part of every major aspect of the case and to make it easy for you to participate in our common goal. You are part of our team. We work together to achieve the best possible result.


We can represent you best when we truly understand what you are suffering through. No other case or situation is like yours. We know that and we understand how devastating your injury is to you and your family. We strive to know how you are making it through the many challenges you are being forced to endure.


For personal injury and contingency fee cases, we only get paid if you recover. Your case evaluation for these cases is always free.

For other type cases, we provide a written contract as to cost and fees for you to review and sign before we begin work on the case.