Case Results

$5,500,000 Medical Malpractice Recovery for failure to diagnose and treat preventable Cauda Equina Syndrome when emergency surgery to decompress her disk herniation on the spinal cord was not timely performed, resulting in permanent bilateral foot drop, bladder and bowel dysfunction and saddle anethesia (numbness).  While the injury is devasting to this mother of young children, the recovery holds the hospital accountable and provides resources to help this mother and family manage their new challenges.

$500,000 DUI/Leaving the Scene Collision Recovery

$1,100,000 Recovery against commercial tow truck company whose driver collided into the rear of our client due to faulty brakes that were ignored during the daily mandatory safety evaluation.

$1,000,000 Medical Malpractice Recovery for failure to diagnose and properly treat the underlying condition. 

$600,000 Medical Malpractice Recovery for failure to diagnose and properly treat the underlying condition.

$1,400,000 Recovery for wrongful death of a young husband and father of a young boy. Money never replaces a loved one, but we were able to secure compensation to cover the family’s loss of his income, as well as additional resources for a son’s special loss.

$850,000 Recovery for two retired passengers on a private bus heading to a church conference when they were seriously injured after their bus was struck by an out-of-state driver. Received the total benefits available under the driver’s liability coverage and stacked multiple policies of uninsured motorist insurance to maximize total recovery.

$500,000 Recovery for injury to employee of trucking company who was sitting in the dock when another truck backed into his rig, lifting it off the ground and crushing the cab. Client jumped out of cab several feet above the ground. Client received workers compensation settlement and we secured this additional recovery as part of the 3rd party liability case against the other driver’s company.

$325,000 Recovery for child tragically killed after disembarking from a school bus. Client was a divorced noncustodial mother who, under state law, was entitled to a significant portion of damages together with the custodial father who received a separate recovery.

$300,000 Recovery for dedicated elementary school teacher injured in a car wreck. Collision caused complications to diabetic condition and other serious consequences. Client recovered all insurance proceeds available after we made a detailed factual and medical demand to insurer.

$340,000 Recovery for collision caused by pizza delivery driver with record of prior accident while delivering pizzas.

$250,000 Recovery for skilled carpenter injured on his way to work when his car was t-boned in an intersection after the driver of the other vehicle fell asleep at the wheel. We secured all insurance proceeds available for medical expenses, hospitalization and family needs.

$245,000 Recovery for hardworking mother of young children whose eyes were cut by chards of glass when a piece of drywall flew off a truck on the highway, crashing through the windshield. Fortunately, she had no other physical injuries. Medical expenses were low but the injury to the eyes were so serious that it will require daily treatment for the balance of her life.

$100,000 Recovery for loved school worker who survived a tremendous collision resulting in a broken back. No surgery was necessary but significant recovery time. All insurance proceeds were paid after detailed presentation and demand to insurer.